Open Letter to Louis Michel

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Dear Sir Michel,

I’m writing to you this little letter, following the news, that I think are really outrageous, published by the medias yesterday. To summarize in a relatively simple way, 158 amendments reducing the protection of the privacy of your fellow citizens have been filed on your behalf. I found relatively outrageous your position in the press.

You say being in any way responsible and that you were not aware of « zealous work » of your employee. For my part, this refusal to take any responsibility in this case is a total hypocrisy and a lack of respect for the people who voted for you.

As parliamentary and having people working for you, are you not responsible for the work done by your employees? Was it not your duty to verify and monitor the work of the person who filed the amendments? Was it not your duty to file these amendments yourself, and know the ins and outs of texts that have been filed?

After reading the article mentioned above, the impression we have is that all these questions  will be answered by the negative. Not only you put the privacy of citizens in danger, and that, in the profits of unscrupulous Lobbies, is very serious. But I think it shows a lack of interest you have shown in these issues. Leaving his staff do everything without taking the time to read these texts, is a betrayal of the voter. Because he trusts you, thinking that you would do your job properly, you would protect its interests.

You know, in the private sector, where employees are not doing their job, it is often the the head that falls first. Because generally, it is synonymous with mismanagement of his team. So Mister Michel, please, do not commit the same mistakes anymore and become aware of your part of responsibility.

A disgusted citizen

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